Unveiling the Beauty of Iris pseudacorus ‘Flora Plena’


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Iris pseudacorus ‘Flora Plena’ is a cultivar of the species Iris pseudacorus, commonly known as the yellow flag iris.’Flora Plena’ is a Latin term that means “full flower,” indicating that this cultivar produces fully double flowers.

  • Double, golden yellow flowers
  • Delightful fragrance
  • Blooms during late spring to early summer
  • This iris can also thrive in shallow water

Here are some key characteristics of Iris pseudacorus ‘Flora Plena’:

Appearance: The ‘Flora Plena’ cultivar features large, showy, and fully double flowers. The flowers resemble a double row of golden yellow petals, often with darker markings or streaks. They have a pleasant fragrance.

Growth habit: This iris cultivar is a herbaceous perennial that forms clumps of long, erect, and sword-shaped leaves. The leaves are typically green in color and provide an attractive backdrop to the flowers.

Flowering season: ‘Flora Plena’ typically blooms in late spring or early summer, usually May or June, depending on the climate and growing conditions.

Habitat: Iris pseudacorus, including the ‘Flora Plena’ cultivar, is native to Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. It is commonly found in wetlands, along the edges of ponds, lakes, and rivers, as well as in marshes and ditches.

Growing requirements: ‘Flora Plena’ prefers moist to wet soil conditions and thrives in full sun to partial shade. It is tolerant of wet and boggy environments and can even grow in shallow water. This iris cultivar is known for its ability to filter water and stabilize the soil in wetland areas.

Uses: In gardens and landscaping, Iris pseudacorus ‘Flora Plena’ is often grown for its ornamental value. It adds a vibrant splash of color to water features, bog gardens, and other moist areas. However, it can be invasive in certain regions and should be monitored to prevent its spread to natural waterways.


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