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Iris pseudata Cat’s Eye is a hybrid plant that combines characteristics of two species: Iris pseudacorus and Iris ensata. Here are some key points about Iris pseudata:

  1. Origins: It is created by crossing Iris pseudacorus (yellow flag iris) with Iris ensata (Japanese iris). This hybridization aims to combine the best traits of both parent species.
  1. Appearance: Iris pseudata Cat’s Eye has striking, large white flowers. The flowers has an unique pattern and markings, taking after the vibrant and diverse blooms of Iris ensata, along with the larger size and robust nature of Iris pseudacorus.
  1. Growth Habits: These plants typically thrive in moist to wet soil conditions, similar to their parent species. They are often found in gardens with water features, such as ponds and streams, but can also be grown in regular garden soil with adequate watering.
  1. Cultural Requirements: Iris pseudata prefers full sun to partial shade and can grow well in USDA hardiness zones 4-9. They generally require rich, well-drained soil and consistent moisture to perform their best.
  1. Uses: Due to their striking appearance and adaptability to wet conditions, Iris pseudata is popular in ornamental gardening, especially in water gardens and along the edges of ponds. They are also appreciated for their versatility and resilience in various landscape settings.
  1. Maintenance: These hybrids are relatively low-maintenance once established. They benefit from regular watering, especially in dry periods, and occasional division to maintain vigor and prevent overcrowding.

Iris pseudata Cat’s Eye offers a great foliage appearance in spring combined with a beautiful flower, making it a desirable addition to many garden settings.


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