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Hosta First Blush®

Since 2020 we can offer Hosta First Blush®. This first red leaved Hosta is very popular among mail order companies and online stores. This plant grows extremely well and is suitable for any gardener. This photo is freely available to customers for selling purposes.

  • Very firm leaf and contrasting tardiana cultivars.
  • Firm leaves means less damage during harvest and handling.
  • Firm leaves are sun resistant.
  • These are middle early varieties.
  • Compact and upright growth habit.
  • Adorless.

At the moment these are proven and the best varieties available in the market.
We selected 4 very comparable growers with different variegated leaves patterns.
They can be grown in temperate and warm climate zones.
This selection is therefore suitable for ALL perennial growers regardless of where their nursery is located.

These are middle early varieties, compact, upright and very contrasting.
Check this 30 second video to learn more!!


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