Hosta White Feather™


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Our record breaking Hosta, bred by Heemskerk Perennials.

USP: Very early spring emerging white leaves changes in summer to green with white stripes, in autumn green with White Feathers™.

This cultivar attracts a lot of attention from the public due to its pure white leaves. It’s a difficult Hosta to keep, but once grown well then this Hosta will never leave you.
We notice an increase in interest and demand from container growers to grow this variety. We recommend to plant H. White Feather™ late spring and to continue growing for one season in order to sell in the following spring.
Note: Hosta White Feather™ is an undulata species and is therefore very early and fast growing. We advise to grow this variety indoors. Due to the risk of night frost and its early emergence, freezing may occur.
After several weeks, the plant will turn green after which white leaves/feathers appears again later in the season, hence the name White Feather™. Flowers are odorless.


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